DF Direct Weekly #93: CES 2023 - GT7 PSVR2, Nvidia Backlash, AMD Reveals, OLED Upgrades

DF Direct Weekly is back for 2023, kicking off with the reactions of John, Rich and Alex to the big CES keynotes, discussing Nvidia's latest innovations and the RTX 4070 Ti backlash - plus the latest enhancements to OLED TV technology. And as always, DF supporters provide a wealth of excellent questions for the team.   00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:25 News 01: Sony at CES 2023: PS VR2 and Gran Turismo 00:15:37 News 02: Nvidia debuts RTX 4000 laptop GPUs, RTX video upscaling at CES 00:50:27 News 03: AMD announces new CPUs, discrete RDNA 3 laptop GPUs during CES showcase 01:01:02 News 04: Upcoming OLED TVs get brightness boost 01:06:42 DF Supporter Q1: Could modders add shader precompilation to a game? 01:09:09 DF Supporter Q2: Are path traced remakes of classic games feasible on consoles? 01:11:22 DF Supporter Q3: Would DF produce a video covering ray tracing games on Series S? 01:12:39 DF Supporter Q4: What do you think DF has done right over the years to survive - and to keep growing?

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