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Finn Age Hänsel, Founder Sanity Group

av Digital Leaders | Publicerades 7/30/2019

How to overtake a company in a crisis

At the NOAH conference 2018, we had a great opportunity to talk to Finn Age Hansel, Managing Director of Movinga - a revolutionary startup offering online moving services. He is also a Co-Founder of Berliner Berg, Berlin-based craft beer brewery. Before that, he was a Rocket Internet SE, Managing Director of Epic Companies, and Managing Director of The Iconic - Australia's biggest online fashion retailer.

Finn Age Hansel is a "business angel and serial entrepreneur passionate about the product, brand, and technology with the goal of finding the perfect balance between visionary ideas, creativity, and best-in-class execution." He was very generous to share his thoughts and reveal the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey. We were thrilled to talk about Rocket Internet, Movinga, and future of the relationship between corporate companies and startups.

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