Turn the table around with the breakup email

Turn the table around with the breakup email 

Hi, this is kabir and welcome to my short, crisp, byte size actionable growth hacks to help you do better digital marketing. 

The breakup email, the last follow up email can be one of the most effective follow up email you can use when a prospect isn’t responding to your emails.


You’re basically “breaking up” with them with one last email making it clear that they won't hear from you again. Don't get me wrong, your unilateral relationship was that great to begin with, but by being the one who’s walking away, rather than the one who’s pursuing, you turn the dynamic of the interaction around.

It works both for outbound emails to a cold audience, when you’re sending emails to people who have never expressed an interest in your offer or interacted with you and inbound emails to a relatively warmer audience, when you’re sending out emails to people who have at some point expressed interest in your offer, for example by signing up for a trial.

Once you send the final breakup email, they may be tempted to look at your offer one last time, knowing that you will not be following up and at the same time also appreciate that you are not a constant spammer. Something this can work to your advantage, go ahead and try it.  

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