Why are Linkedin ads so Expensive ?

Linkedin can be thought of as a huge structured database of resumes, so you can reach anyone there based their experience level, job title, company they are working in, industry they are working in, interest groups they are part of, their location, educational qualifications and more. But, whosoever has advertised on Linkedin, knows that it is one of the most expensive mediums to advertise on ? But why ?

LinkedIn on average is anywhere between five to 10 times more expensive than running advertising on Facebook. Now, the way we measure that is typically on a CPM or cost per Milly cost per measure, which is basically what it costs to show my ads to 1000 people. Now personally, when I've run campaigns for my clients on Facebook, I could see anywhere as low as a $0.5 CPM, all the way to a $30 CPM, depending on the audience and the countries I choose to advertise in. 

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