2: GLENN HODDLE – Spurs, England, Swindon and Survival

In October 2018, Glenn Hoddle collapsed with a heart attack at the studios of BT Sport and very nearly died, had it not been for the quick thinking of one of the producers there, who performed life-saving CPR while professional help was on its way. Nearly 2 years on from that fateful day, and Glenn talks honestly and openly with Dion about this life changing experience and about a phenomenal career in football, that’s seen him represent his country, manage his country and give a young George Weah some tips at Monaco, when they were both there under manager Arsene Wenger. This episode was recorded remotely during lockdown, so the audio quality is not as good as we normally like it!   

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Dion Dublin enjoyed a 22 year career as a player and played for some of the finest and most charismatic football managers in the modern game. In this series, Dion tracks down his old gaffers to find out how they handled those pressure cooker environments, how they got the best out of their players and what it is within their DNA, that ultimately makes them tick and able to handle some of the most stressful jobs in sport. WARNING: CONTENT CONTAINS EXPLICIT AND GRATUITOUS LAUGHS, AND ELABORATE TRUE STORIES STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH!