3: GORDON STRACHAN - Learning from Sir Alex, a very odd encounter with Brian Clough, and placing Noel Whelan under house arrest!

Gordon Strachan is one of the greatest characters in the game. He played under Sir Alex Ferguson as a young man at Aberdeen, before travelling south to join up with his mentor again at Manchester United. After 5 years at Old Trafford, Gordon crossed the Pennines to join Howard Wilkinson’s Leeds United revolution, and then moved to Coventry City where he played in the top flight with the sky blues until the age of 40! In addition, Gordon has managed Coventry City, Southampton, Celtic, Middlesbrough and Scotland no less, and there are few who have better stories than his! From pretending unsuccessfully to be Billy Bremner, to making Noel Whelan move into the Strachan family home, just so Gordon could try and keep his wayward striker out of trouble! The challenge here is to try and listen to this episode in public while keeping a straight face! Recorded remotely during lockdown, so please forgive the sound quality.

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Dion Dublin enjoyed a 22 year career as a player and played for some of the finest and most charismatic football managers in the modern game. In this series, Dion tracks down his old gaffers to find out how they handled those pressure cooker environments, how they got the best out of their players and what it is within their DNA, that ultimately makes them tick and able to handle some of the most stressful jobs in sport. WARNING: CONTENT CONTAINS EXPLICIT AND GRATUITOUS LAUGHS, AND ELABORATE TRUE STORIES STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH!