4: JOHN GREGORY – Terry Venables was the biggest influence on me as a manager, while Stan Collymore was the biggest challenge I had to face.

From humble beginnings as a 15 year old apprentice at Northampton Town, to leading Aston Villa out at Wembley for the cup final in 2000, John Gregory has enjoyed a fantastic career and has the stories to prove it! He doubled his salary in 1977 moving from £50 a week with the cobblers, to £100 at the Villa! He learnt so much during his time at QPR under manager Terry Venables and still keeps notes of his training sessions to this day, which he’s used to coach some of the biggest names in the game, from Paul Merson and Stan Collymore, to Dwight Yorke and a young upstart called Dion Dublin! Recorded remotely during lockdown, so please forgive the sound quality.

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Dion Dublin enjoyed a 22 year career as a player and played for some of the finest and most charismatic football managers in the modern game. In this series, Dion tracks down his old gaffers to find out how they handled those pressure cooker environments, how they got the best out of their players and what it is within their DNA, that ultimately makes them tick and able to handle some of the most stressful jobs in sport. WARNING: CONTENT CONTAINS EXPLICIT AND GRATUITOUS LAUGHS, AND ELABORATE TRUE STORIES STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH!