Thumbelina - I

A timeless classic, the tale of Thumbelina – adapted from the original work by Hans Christian Andersen – invites you to follow the adventures of a delicate little girl who was born in a wondrous flower. Her journey through the heart of nature is punctuated with enchanting surprise encounters. From the ugly toad to the frightening stag beetle, the mole living in the dark and the pretty wounded swallow, the heroine meets many characters along the way and cleverly overcomes each obstacle thanks to her courage and optimism. An ode to the plant world, an invitation to observe the infinitely small and the poetic beauty of things – even and especially the tiny things – around us, to take care of others and nature, in keeping with the four seasons. In this first volume, discover Thumbelina’s first steps on a maiden journey through fields, streams, skies and forests. Credits Musical identity: Agence Calliopé. 

Om Podcasten

Dior présente le podcast Dior Tales pour les enfants La Maison dévoile une nouvelle série de podcasts baptisée Dior Tales, parenthèse sonore qui enchante les fêtes de fin d’année au gré de fabuleuses histoires, racontées aux enfants – en français et en anglais – par Cordelia de Castellane.  Découvrez avec émerveillement les contes écrits par la Directrice Artistique de Baby Dior : Le Royaume de Christian Dior ainsi que Christian et la découverte de la magie, deux tomes inspirés de la vie passionnée – et passionnante – du couturier-fondateur, mais aussi L’Extraordinaire Voyage de Monsieur Dior, une odyssée onirique à travers le monde. Incontournable de la littérature jeunesse, La Petite Poucette – d’après l’œuvre originale de Hans Christian Andersen – entraîne petits et grands dans ses aventures, au cœur de la Nature.  Des récits singuliers et envoûtants, qui transportent l’imaginaire jusqu’au pays des rêves. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Dior presents the Dior Tales Podcast for children  The House unveils a new series of podcasts called Dior Tales, an audio interlude to enchant the holiday season with fabulous stories told to children – in French and English – by Cordelia de Castellane.  Discover with wonder tales written by Baby Dior’s Creative Director; Le Royaume de Christian Dior (Christian Dior’s Kingdom) and Christian et la découverte de la magie (Christian Dior and his Discovery of Magic), two volumes inspired by the passionate – and exciting – life of the founding couturier, as well as L'Extraordinaire Voyage de Monsieur Dior (Monsieur Dior’s Extraordinary Journey), a dreamlike odyssey around the world. A must in children's literature, La Petite Poucette (Thumbelina) – based on the original story by Hans Christian Andersen – whisks young and old alike on adventures in the heart of Nature.  Singular, captivating tales that transport the imagination to the land of dreams.