S5E5 - LGBTQI Experiences

This week Ksenia and guest co-host JC Gaillard are joined by Mx Roxanne Omega-Doron (Bisdak Pride in the Philippines), Bunda Mayora (Fajar Sikka in Indonesia), Neen Sapalo (University of the Philippines Diliman), and Adryan Sasongko (Resilience Development Initiative in Indonesia) to discuss the experiences of LGBTQI minorities and non-Western gender identities.    Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @DisastersDecon Rate and Review on Apple Podcasts Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!    Further information: Platforms for the inclusion of gender and sexual minorities in climate change adaptation policy and action   Our guests: Roxanne Omega-Doron (see @bisdakpride) Bunda Mayora (see https://www.instagram.com/tv/CPvG23RBBaN/) Adryan Sasongko (see @RDI_Global) Neen Sapalo (@smallofasia) JC Gaillard (@jcgaillard_uoa)   Music this week from "Warm Place" by Lucky Sound. 

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