S5E6 - Disaster as Event or Process?

Today it's our great pleasure to release our latest AUDIENCE SPECIAL! We asked our audience, Is there anything wrong with framing disaster as “events”? Why/why not? Thank you all so much for thinking about this question, and we are glad that many of you got back to us!  Ksenia & Jason frame today's conversation around the responses received and we hope that this episode can be a conversation starter on another contested concept in disaster studies. Indeed, what is a disaster?!!     Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @DisastersDecon Rate and Review on Apple Podcasts Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!    Contributors: Anuzska Musurska Katy Davison Emmanuel Raju Danielle Rivera David Prevatt Susanna Hoffman Lee Bosher Marie Aronsson-Storrier Ricardo Fuenteabla   Music this week from "Deep Breathing" by Ramol. 

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