Discomfort & Chill?

12. Heart vs. Brain: Which One Holds the Truth?

av Discomfort & Chill? | Publicerades 8/9/2020

When we say that our heart wants one thing but our brain wants another, or we intellectually believe something to be true but it doesn't feel true in our hearts... what is it we are really saying? Does our heart really have the ability to think for...

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Listen. I know all about being stuck. And I have a feeling you know a little something about that too. Can’t make up your mind? Can’t get shit done? Can’t resist clicking the “Still watching?” pop-up on Netflix after 10 episodes in a row? We’ve all been there (last night, to be exact). Discomfort & Chill? is a podcast by me, Katrin Berndt, that will loosen your grip on the TV remote and get your butt off that couch. I don't care if you have an essay to finish, a workout to complete, or friends to make. I got you. Spoiler alert! It will feel gross. But please don’t make me feel gross all on my own. I need you to join me, one episode at a time. Seriously. Hit 'subscribe' if I can count on you!