Discomfort & Chill?

13. The Power of Choice in Any Situation

av Discomfort & Chill? | Publicerades 8/16/2020

Trigger warning! In this episode, I will mention sexual harassment and abuse. Nothing graphic or detailed, but I just wanted to let you know ahead of time.Today we are going to talk about free will, choice, options, and how to apply our ability to...

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Listen. I know all about being stuck. And I have a feeling you know a little something about that too. Can’t make up your mind? Can’t get shit done? Can’t resist clicking the “Still watching?” pop-up on Netflix after 10 episodes in a row? We’ve all been there (last night, to be exact). Discomfort & Chill? is a podcast by me, Katrin Berndt, that will loosen your grip on the TV remote and get your butt off that couch. I don't care if you have an essay to finish, a workout to complete, or friends to make. I got you. Spoiler alert! It will feel gross. But please don’t make me feel gross all on my own. I need you to join me, one episode at a time. Seriously. Hit 'subscribe' if I can count on you!