United States sues Apple, Reddit IPO first day pop, Android 15 satellite messaging

In today's episode of Discover Daily, we explore three significant developments in the tech world. First, we delve into the major antitrust lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice and several states against Apple, accusing the company of maintaining an illegal monopoly in the smartphone market. The lawsuit targets Apple's control over iOS app distribution, its App Store commissions, and practices that allegedly hinder rival technologies. Apple has vowed to vigorously defend itself, setting the stage for a legal battle with far-reaching implications for the tech industry. Next, we discuss Reddit's successful IPO, which saw the company's shares soar 48% on their first day of trading, valuing the online discussion platform at $9.5 billion. Despite concerns about profitability, Reddit raised $519 million and even reserved a portion of IPO shares for its moderators and power users. Finally, we look at the upcoming Android 15 update, which is set to introduce satellite messaging capabilities in partnership with T-Mobile and SpaceX. This feature will allow users to send and receive text messages via satellite, extending connectivity to areas without cellular coverage and representing a significant step forward in mobile communication.For more on these stories:United States sues AppleReddit IPO first day popAndroid 15 satellite messagingPerplexity is the fastest and most powerful way to search the web. Perplexity crawls the web and curates the most relevant and up-to-date sources (from academic papers to Reddit threads) to create the perfect response to any question or topic you’re interested in. Take the world's knowledge with you anywhere. Available on iOS and Android Join our growing Discord community for the latest updates and exclusive content. Follow us on: Instagram Threads X (Twitter) YouTube Linkedin

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