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Crunching Data into Billion Dollar Theoretical Models

av Dissecting Popular IT Nerds | Publicerades 12/2/2020

Software Science Nerd, Jarrod Medeiros, Director of Informatics (what the heck is that?), and Phil Howard discuss data and things that are way out of my wheelhouse... but Jarrod saves me from not looking too stupid:   How Never go through a Digital Transformation Synthesizing compounds into things I can inject Bioprocess (Software) Engineering  Software solution to help make sense of data Micro/Molecular Biology - Chemistry... things I dropped out of Crunching data points into visual sense Don't forget to review us on Apple i-Tunes.... do it and we'll send you a pair of Nerd Glasses (if you are a real nerd).  Message Phil Howard on Linkedin for free Nerd stuff.  

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