Diving In

08: Whodunnit - a very criminal episode - Cleeves, Carter, Kevin Barry, Connelly, Sayers and Truss

av Diving In | Publicerades 11/7/2019

Murderinos Louise and Virginia discuss several crime novels, from cosy drawing room dramas to gritty Scandi noir police procedurals. Email hello@divinginpodcast Instagram @diving_in_podcast Virginia's Instagram @les__livres__ Song 'Diving In' - original music and lyrics written and performed by Laura Adeline - https://linkt.ree/llauraadeline Podcast sound production and editing by Andy Maher. Thanks to the other Murderinos - Jen, JA, Linley, Robyn, Caro, and Nicole. Books The Long Call, Ann Cleeves, 2019. MacMillan Heaven Sent, Alan Carter, 2019. Fremantle Press. Night Boat to Tangier, Kevin Barry, 2019. Doubleday New York The Night Fire, Michael Connelly, 2019. Allen & Unwin, Australia. Cold Case Investigations by Dr Xanthé Mallett, 2019. Pan Macmillan Australia. Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L Sayers, 1926. Hodder Books. The Man That Got Away by Lynne Truss, 2019. Raven Books, Bloomsbury. Dregs, Jörn Lier Horst, 2010, 2017 in Australia, Affirm Press Closed for Winter, Jörn Lier Horst, 2011, 2017 in Australia. Affirm Press The Hunting Dogs, Jörn Lier Horst, 2012, 2017 in Australia, Affirm Press Podcast The Clearing 2019. TV Wisting, SBS Drama Newspaper 'The Star of Noir' by Cameron Stewart, Weekend Australian Magazine. October 19-20, 2019

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Diving In is a conversation you will want to be part of - Louise and Virginia have been best friends since university - they share a passion for story telling and read loads of good books. Make yourself a cup of tea and listen in as they share the books they've been loving, and also the films, TV series, podcasts and articles they've enjoyed.