Diving In

12: Books We Read Over Summer

av Diving In | Publicerades 2/19/2020

Louise and Virginia discuss Such A Fun Age, The Giver of Stars, Bruny and Long Bright River and the controversy surrounding American Dirt - as well as some movies, podcasts and a TV series they've been diving into over the break Email hello@divinginpodcast.com Instagram @diving_in_podcast Virginia's Instagram @virginia_reads Louise's Instagram @louise_cooks_and_reads Song 'Diving In' - original music and lyrics written and performed by Laura Adeline - https://linkt.ree/llauraadeline Podcast sound production and editing by Andy Maher. Graphics by Orla Larkin - create@werkshop.com.au Books Long Bright River by Liz Moore, 2019, published by Penguin Random House Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid, 2019, published by Bloomsbury American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, 2019, published by Flatiron Books The Giver of Stars by Jo Jo Moyes, 2019, published by Penguin Random House Bruny by Heather Rose, 2019, published by Allen and Unwin Movies Bombshell Jojo Rabbit TV series The Loudest Voice Podcasts Don't Stop Us Now

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Diving In is a conversation you will want to be part of - Louise and Virginia have been best friends since university - they share a passion for story telling and read loads of good books. Make yourself a cup of tea and listen in as they share the books they've been loving, and also the films, TV series, podcasts and articles they've enjoyed.