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Managing Expectations

In today’s podcast we dig into managing expectations for yourself and for others. While we have this idea of how things should be and how people will behave and the truth is that the reality bus tends to hit us square in the face if we aren’t ready.I also want to invite you to my group coaching program with SPECIAL birthday pricing through the end of August. Just $47 regularly $

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the Divorce Sucks Your Life Doesn’t Have To Podcast hosted by Michelle McEllis who is the creator of the Divorce Transition Coaching program and the Big D Bootcamp, author of the upcoming book The Ultimate Guide To Divorce, a mom and a divorce THRIVER. Each week she shares with you how to master life in the parent hood, elevate your mindset, get smart with your money all while navigating this mayhem in life called DIVORCE. Through these podcasts you will learn how to show up as the best version of YOU for your kids, for yourself and for your future. Just because divorce sucks, doesn’t mean your life has to. It's time to rise up, it’s a new day, the BEST is yet to come!Disclaimer: the content provided in these podcasts are the opinion and personal and professional experience of Michelle McEllis and do not in any way constitute professional legal advice or professional mental health advice.