DJ dp - Rez in the Park Tribute Mix

DJ dp - Rez in the Park Tribute Mix made up of people's favourite tunes as requested by them on the Rez & Colosseum Facebook Groups. Free Download as well :-) Watch this set being made at Enjoy, comment, like and Share :-) Cheers Dan

Om Podcasten

A DJ of all types of Dance music using Vinyl and Time coded Vinyl.. DJ dp has played along side some of the biggest and best names in the Dance music scene.. Such as: Alex Kidd // Kutski // Anne Savage // Klubfiller // Jakki Degg // DJ/MC Mallorca Lee // Kate Lawler // Scott Brown // MC Whizkidd // DJ Magical // MC Mirikle // MC Techno T // DJ/MC Sharkey // Selector C // Full Effect // Triple XL // DJ Motor // Victor Ronda // Chris Unknown // Brisk and many more.... This includes massive events such as Goodgreef, Seismic, Obsession Events, Carlisle's Love Weekend, Danceology and the legendary Hard House nights and Closing Party at Toppers, Penrith. For more info go to