Meet The Dj- Peter Gun

Peter May Blaxell aka Peter May, pete®gun and Fishbone. Is a music lover and DJ who was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. And has been part of the Swedish Underground/Rave/Dance/Club scene in Stockholm, Sweden since the late 80's.

Om Podcasten

Every week two of the best Djs on the Swedish Techno and House club scene, are inviting their colleague, to talk about life, love and music. Be for they serve us, listeners and the rest of world the best House, Techno and Trance Set there is. We are getting to know the person behind the stage name. After that we talk some more, and do what we love most of all. Play b2b with our guest Dj. Four Djs are hosting the show Kettil, Martina, James & Rocco. All well known Djs both to the Swedish & International Clubscene.