Public Service Announcement ( Dj Touch Tone )

av DJ TOUCH TONE MUSIC BLOG | Publicerades 11/18/2019

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DIFFERENT KIND OF BEAST!!! Born in Brooklyn N.Y. raised in Miami, (DJ Touch Tone) Ludwick Renoit has always been into music. From a very young age he would sit and listen to his father's vinyls for hours on end. 1992 is when DJ Touch Tone was born. Buying 2 turntables and a mixer, Touch Tone became a self taught DJ within 2 weeks. Spinning records was merely his hobby at this point; his love for music was the motivation to continue to practice and master his craft. Never entertaining the idea of a career as a DJ, let alone financially profiting from it, Touch Tone performed at local clubs for sheer enjoyment. It is then that he received a life-changing call to perform at a concert headlining Method Man. From that day forward, he's never looked back.....he entered a rocket ship and took off. Since then, DJ Touch Tone has held down many residencies in majors clubs & parties such as LEVEL , BED, PEARL, NIKKI BEACH, CHINA WHITE, PASSIONS (HARD ROCK), EMPIRE, NIKKI MARINA, MANGOS TROPICAL CAFE, FAT BLACK PUSSY CAT, ROCKERS ISLAND,FREAKY FRIDAYS and CAFE IGUANAS. He has also performed private parties for Janet Reno, Nas, Missy Elliot, Erykah Badu, MIA, Method Man Man, Dwayne Starks and Christina Millian. Known as the "party rocker" his style of dj'ing is classified as unique; mixing everything under the sun. Intrigued by every genre; for DJ Touch Tone, music is truly life.