Do Less God Bless

Election? We've Elected to Never Do Drugs

av Do Less God Bless | Publicerades 10/30/2020

Trey and Jake talk about their stories and unfortunate explore feeds. Also included is a special segment of Two Guydance and why heroine is a tough name for a female hero. Go to and use code less80 to get a total of $80 off, including free shipping on your first box. Additional restrictions apply, please visit for more details. Get a head start on your holiday shopping. Sign up to shop on Zebit TODAY at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Om Podcasten

Trey Kennedy is a comedian and content creator who's generated tens of millions of views with his comedic skits. While he's always been in front of the camera, the same guy has been behind it, Jake Triplett. These two have been creating content together for years and now they're creating a podcast! The Do Less God Bless podcast breaks down their bizarre social media comedy lives, the "Do Less" moments happening all around us, and much more. Tune in to this weekly, family-friendly comedic show every Friday as these two fairly mature 20 somethings in the midwest give their takes on what's happening today. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: For advertising opportunities please email