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Episode 37 - Writer LIZBETH MILES on The Grey Man of the Mountain and More

av Doctor Who : The Sirens of Audio | Publicerades 12/16/2020

Our guest is the very talented Lizbeth Miles, author of one of the December 2020 Big Finish monthly range releases, The Grey Man of the Mountain, and co-host of the Verity! and Hammer House of Podcast podcasts.  Liz chats about her love of classic Who, her history with Big Finish, and how she feels about writing the last ever 7th Doctor audio play in the monthly range.  She apologizes in advance.  Big Finish trailers featured in this episode were for the following audio plays, available to purchase from the Big Finish website: Doctor Who: The Grey Man of the Mountain by Lizbeth Miles Doctor Who: The Plight of the Pimpernel by Chris Chapman Recommendations Liz recommends Doctor Who: The Chimes of Midnight and the Verity! podcast episode that contains a review of said story but does not contain Liz.  Dwayne recommends King Ghost by Steven Wilson (music) Philip recommends Toby Hadoke's Time Travels - Indefinable Magic (podcast) Cover art by Ryan Aplin. Philip Edney on Twitter Dwayne Bunney on Twitter Theme music by Husky by the Geek. Email: Website: Twitter: @AudioSirens Facebook: Clips and music are copyright BBC and Big Finish. No infringement is intended. --- Send in a voice message:

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