Ep. 1 - How Christian Guzman Took Over the World

Fitness icon Christian Guzman talks about his darkest times as he built the legacy we all know today. He reflects on his dramatic rise to fame in the internet age, with Maxx referring to both himself and Christian as among the “third generation of fitness influencers”. From establishing his game-changing brand, to his relentless determination in seeing the construction of Alphalete Gym through to the end, Christian reveals the secrets to his massive success in the fitness world. Learn about the ups and downs of his journey and the people that were there by his side to make it all possible.   Watch this interview and subscribe to the channel onYouTube Follow Christian on Instagram @christianguzmanfitness Subscribe to Christian on YouTube Follow Maxx @maxxchewning Subscribe to Maxx on YouTube   Key Highlights Maxx was first drawn to Christian for his high-quality yet raw and relatable YouTube videos which documented his fitness journey. It was a unique style at the time and was key to Christian becoming one of the most widely recognized fitness personalities today—and among the first of the “third generation of fitness influencers”. Christian talks about the grueling months he spent creating Alphalete Gym and what drove him to see his dream through despite seeing no returns for long stretches of time after investing truckloads of cash. Maxx thanks Christian for changing his life and career for the better, and for being a role model to so many in the space.   Powerful Quotes Marketing is going to continue moving towards organic, raw, real people instead of these propped up, perfect images. ~Christian The goal is to create good content and if money comes, that’s great. The money increases because it’s a byproduct of the energy and time you put into videos, and not, “I’m only making videos to make money.” ~Maxx If you’re thinking, I don’t know if you’re ready to start, because if you really wanted to do it, you’d just do it. ~Maxx Things take time. You have to be able to take some leaps and ask for many opinions. But after all of that, the biggest thing you have to believe will happen is that, out of everything you gather, you will decide what you think is best and take action on it. ~Christian

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