Ep. 4 - The art of picking up women with How To Beast

How to Beast (David) breaks down his best dating and relationship advice which is how he built his massive audience. He discusses what Red Pill mindset is with men and his thoughts on how girls and guys think about the current social dating marketplace. Learn his tactics that built his channel from 0 to 1 million subscribers and why he feels qualified to give dating advice to men. David also discusses his thoughts on the current state of YouTube and how it effects his businesses and mental state directly. Watch this episode and subscribe on  @Don't Be Sour  Subscribe to David on YouTube  @How to Beast  David's Businesses ➜ EDGE Lifestyle clothing (code=BEAST): https://edgelifestyle.com ➜ Get the BEASTLY app (FREE trial): https://beastly.onelink.me/t2Ry/0s0fbvi5 ➜ Apply for Beast Dating Coaching: https://beast-coaching.com Follow Maxx on IG https://www.instagram.com/maxxchewning Subscribe to Maxx on YouTube  @Maxx Chewning ​

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