All I wanna do is have some fun - with Lou & Fi

On this week’s episode of the Dot to Dot podcast Lou and I talk about why, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said “It is a happy talent to know how to play.” We discuss why play and having fun is essential to problem solving, creativity, relationships and even well-being; why finding the type of play that works for you is important (if you don’t want to cringe your way through it and gain nothing but humiliation) and why play is by definition, a moving target.

Om Podcasten

Join award winning author and psychologist Fiona Murden in the Dot to Dot podcast - joining the dots on what makes you, you. We learn best from other people and trying things for ourselves. This is made even better when we have some science based approaches to back things up. So that’s what this podcast is all about. Hearing from interesting people across all walks of life, 'role models and real models' sharing their lived experience. This is interspersed with episodes from experts discussing behaviour and the mind - including regular co-host, sports psychologist Lou Jones.