The break up monologues - with comedian Rosie Wilby

On this episode I chat to the fab Rosie Wilby. Rosie is an award-winning comedian, author and podcaster who has appeared many times on BBC Radio 4 programmes including Woman's Hour and Four Thought. Her new book The Breakup Monologues is based on her acclaimed podcast of the same name and I have to say it’s a fantastic read – weaving together humour and science seamlessly. Rosie says this has helped her to make sense of her own narrative, but it does far more than that. It makes sense of it for anyone who has suffered the pain of a breakup.

Om Podcasten

Join award winning author and psychologist Fiona Murden in the Dot to Dot podcast - joining the dots on what makes you, you. We learn best from other people and trying things for ourselves. This is made even better when we have some science based approaches to back things up. So that’s what this podcast is all about. Hearing from interesting people across all walks of life, 'role models and real models' sharing their lived experience. This is interspersed with episodes from experts discussing behaviour and the mind - including regular co-host, sports psychologist Lou Jones.