The coach of coaches in elite sport - Cody Royle

This week I speak to the coach of coaches Cody Royle. Cody is one of those people who has a good soul, you know the type of person – someone who wants the best for people. He’s empathic and he cares, which made delivering the message of losing one of his team over and over again to all of the other players all the more heart-breaking. In Cody’s book The Tough Stuff: Seven Hard Truths About Being a Head Coach he talks about the things that just aren’t spoken about – the performance not just of the team but of the coach. How for example the emotional toll of not just loss and grief impacts your ability to coach, but so many factors such as media pressure, expectations of the public even selecting and deselecting team members each week. But who coaches the coach? We talk about this and more including the role Cody himself has taken on as a coach of coaches.

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