#223 | July Q&A: Prolapsed Cord, Tearing & Sutures, PROM, Nursing & Tooth Decay, Irish Twins, Breastmilk Calorie Concerns, Breech Birth, Pet Peeves

Welcome to the July Q&A episode with Cynthia & Trisha.  Today, we kick off the conversation with a story of an OB commenting on the "tightness" of a woman's perineum. Next, we jump into our questions on when sutures are or are not needed after a tear; placenta previa and a prolapsed cord; the risk of infection after rupture of membranes when GBS negative; how to get oxytocin flowing when your spouse is not present at birth; are there risks in pregnancy and postpartum if you have Irish twins; could I have birthed my frank breech baby vaginally even though the hospital said I could not, followed by Trisha's story of her one and only breech birth experience as a midwife.In the extended Q&A, we discuss the difficult decision one mother faces when the only available midwives don't align with her birth choices; a woman whose toddler developed significant tooth decay and questions teething oil over breast milk as the culprit; another mother who is told her baby is not gaining weight well because her breastmilk has an insufficient amount of calories, and a woman who is struggling with appetite due to her stress and anxiety and worries how it will impact her pregnancy.  Finally, we close with a round of quickies including Cynthia's and Trisha's biggest pet peeves in life.  **********Down to Birth is sponsored by:Needed -- Optimal nutritional products to nourish yourself before, during, and after pregnancy DrinkLMNT -- Purchase LMNT today and receive a free sample kit. Stay salty.Love Majka Products -- Support your milk supply with nourishing  Connect with us on Patreon for our exclusive content.Email Contact@DownToBirthShow.comInstagram @downtobirthshowCall us at 802-GET-DOWN Work with Cynthia: 203-952-7299 HypnoBirthingCT.com Work with Trisha: 734-649-6294 Please remember we don’t provide medical advice. Speak to your licensed medical provider for all your healthcare matters.

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