#231 | Heart Moms: One Mother's Journey with Congenital Trans-Position of the Great Arteries

Jo Young is a "heart mom" from the U.K. Being a heart mom indicates belonging to a community of parents whose children are born with congenital heart defects. The pivotal moment in Jo's story began at her twenty-week anatomy scan with her husband. It was here that they received the life-altering revelation that their baby girl bore a congenital heart defect requiring immediate postpartum surgery. This condition, known as "transposition of the great arteries" (TGA), unveils a complex anomaly where the aorta attaches to the right side of the heart while the pulmonary artery attaches to the left. This incongruity disrupts the circulation of oxygenated blood within the body. Notably, TGA affects only one in every four thousand live births and often eludes detection during pregnancy.Jo's narrative unfolds as she recounts the poignant moment when her plans for a home birth dissolved into the stark reality of laboring within the confines of an ambulance. She describes her postpartum moments of cradling her newborn daughter before relinquishing her to the surgical team, and delves into the trials and tribulations of the breastfeeding journey, underscoring the indomitable spirit that she, her partner, and their resilient baby summoned to surmount these challenges.Jo's story is a beacon of encouragement and a wellspring of inspiration for families navigating the turbulent waters of heart parenthood. Through her compelling narrative, she extends a comforting hand to reassure others of the unwavering support within the heart community. Furthermore, she highlights the remarkable strength and resilience that reside within the spirit and character of these special infants. Join us for a stirring conversation that sheds light on the power of love, hope, and strength in the face of adversity.**********Down to Birth is sponsored by:Needed -- Optimal nutritional products for before, during and after pregnancyModern Nursery--Your one-stop shop for eco-friendly, stylish baby gearDrinkLMNT -- Purchase LMNT today and receive a free sample kit.Love Majka Products -- Support your milk supply.Silverette Nursing Cups -- Soothe and heal sore nipples with 925 silver nursing cups.Postpartum Soothe -- Herbs and padsicles to heal and comfort.Connect with us on Patreon for our exclusive content.Email Contact@DownToBirthShow.comInstagram @downtobirthshowCall us at 802-GET-DOWN Work with Cynthia: 203-952-7299 HypnoBirthingCT.com Work with Trisha: 734-649-6294 Please remember we don’t provide medical advice. Speak to your licensed medical provider for all your healthcare matters.

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