#235 | Solution or Sham? The Anti-Depressant Industry Exposed with Dr. Roger McFillin

Dr. Roger McFillin, a seasoned clinical psychologist and the compelling voice of the Radically Genuine Podcast, dares to question the prevailing surge in depression diagnoses in our modern world. He boldly sheds light on the truth about SSRIs, leveling grave accusations of "criminal negligence" at the doctors who knowingly sidestep informed consent requirements. Dr. McFillin uncovers a disturbing reality—one where patients are shielded from the harsh truth of low efficacy rates, serious risks, and debilitating long-term side effects, such as inability to orgasm.In this episode, Dr. McFillin unveils the elaborate charade woven by the pharmaceutical industry. He underscores the unsettling fact that antidepressants, touted as life-changing solutions, actually provide relief to a mere fifteen percent of those who turn to them, all while carrying a risk of suicide that's double that of a placebo. The heart of our conversation revolves around the calculated cherry-picking of scientific data, which serves to construct a narrative that prioritizes pharmaceutical profits over individual well-being.Dr. McFillin contends that labeling these medications as "anti-depressants" is a gross misnomer, a stance he courageously shared through his YouTube channel. His insights earned him the attention of influential figures like Joe Rogan, but punishment from YouTube, who mysteriously took down his channel without explanation immediately after he exposed critical research findings. Dr. McFillin's mission is clear: he implores the public to embrace critical thinking and cast aside the blinders that obscure a disconcerting reality—a medical system that peddles drugs not on the basis of research, but rather at the whims of the marketing department.As we delve deeper into the episode, we explore how the catchphrase "trust the science" often contradicts the actual scientific research. Later on, our conversation shifts over to postpartum depression and the lives of postpartum mothers. These exhausted and overwhelmed women represent just one of many vulnerable groups suffering harm, not help, by the professionals they entrusted.Join us in this eye-opening discussion as we unravel the layers of deception and confront the unsettling truths about our contemporary medical landscape. Dr. Roger McFillin's unwavering commitment to authenticity challenges the status quo, beckoning us to peer beyond the facade and reckon with the stark realities we collectively face.Radically Genuine PodcastRadically Genuine YouTubeRadically Genuine**********Down to Birth is sponsored by:Needed -- Optimal nutritional products for before, during and after pregnancyModern Nursery--Your one-stop shop for eco-friendly, stylish baby gear Connect with us on Patreon for our exclusive content.Email Contact@DownToBirthShow.comInstagram @downtobirthshowCall us at 802-GET-DOWN Work with Cynthia: 203-952-7299 HypnoBirthingCT.com Work with Trisha: 734-649-6294 Please remember we don’t provide medical advice. Speak to your licensed medical provider for all your healthcare matters.

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