#2.1: How to Break Bitcoin with Physics - A Thought Experiment

We are back, with Series 2, Episode 1...! This is meant to be a highly thought provoking Thought Experiment, it will trigger many people, but hopefully most people realise what it's getting at. The inspiration for the episode were people on twitter who think Bitcoin will be 'THE' thing for literally forever - i.e. infinite time. We dive into Relativity, Proof of Work (PoW), a crazy but scientifically sound way to break mining (which is likely impossible for probably 1,000s of years to come...), how we can control time, how this means we neatly circumvent some Energy requirements, and all with Physics that is generally considered to be correct, and proven beyond doubt (but note, Relativity is likely not the deepest theory, but it has been proven 1,000 different ways). If you are offended by it then I would suggest you reassess the point of the podcast, it's absolutely not having a go at Bitcoin, it should be a light hearted take on an interesting Thought Experiment. Link to prior episode with Jeff Snider about Next Generation Reserve Currencies https://anchor.fm/chris-dark/episodes/37-Discussions-with-Jeff-Snider-Alhambra-Investments---Beyond-the-USD----Non-linear-thinking-about-the-next-potential-world-Reserve-Currency-eknmfg Link to prior episode and PRIMER on Relativity: https://anchor.fm/chris-dark/episodes/8-Relativity-and-Big-Stuff-eed4eh Please share if you think this was fun, happy to do more if there is demand...

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