#2.3: Carbon Credits - A New Asset Class, with Lawson Steele

Carbon Credits are a fascinating market & personal investment that I have talked about many times, in this podcast, and on twitter. I am therefore thrilled to have had on Lawson Steele, Head of Carbon & Utilities at Berenberg Bank to discuss the market in depth. Lawson is THE expert in this space, and we cover a myriad of dynamics from the obvious political ones, the less obvious political ones, thru to how CCs affect corporates, what happens in a potential future world with decentralised power gen & storage, Germany & Nuclear, and much more Ask yourself if you think they ARE indeed a new asset class once you have finished listening As always, please send me any feedback whether good, bad or ugly, best to DM me on twitter; and if you have any requests for the show then suggestions are welcome too

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