#44: @FedupBizOwner on the US Election (recorded 8pm EST Sunday 1 Nov)

FedUpBizOwner (@HRGPFOREVER) joins me to discuss the US Election...  We can all probably agree that we want to move on with life, and that having a peaceful transfer (Biden win), or no transfer (Trump win), of power is preferable for America and democracy. But is this realistic? Is the US heading for chaos for days, weeks, months (longer?!) Why is Trump going to be in the White House on election night (and not in a hotel as is tradition)? Why has he asked N.C. voters to 'try and vote twice'? Why is 10:30pm EST such an important time on Tuesday 3rd? What scenarios are there for a peaceful and decisive election night? FedUp is candid, he is traditionally a GOP voter, however he also hates Trump. So this he is very much not a far-left liberal (some people get this very wrong on twitter...!). You may agree or disagree with his views, however he is laying out what could happen in the next 48 hours, and it's better to be prepared for chaos (and it might not happen, if so that is good!), rather than to just be unprepared... We also quickly cover right at the beginning the latest on the lending markets (FedUp's job is in Franchise Financing) As always if you have any feedback whether good/bad/ugly, please DM me on Twitter (@Darky999), several episodes have come from listener ideas

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