#45: Santiago Velez on Blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Enterprise, CBDCs...)

Santiago Velez (@Santiag78758327) joins me to discuss Blockchains, the different types, their interoperability, and what the key features are that give advantages over legacy technology This podcast is NOT about the price of Bitcoin, it's the first in a mini-series I am doing on Bitcoin & Blockchain, as many listeners have asked me to dive into the parts that are not covered as much as they should be We cover blockchain basics, different types (especially enterprise vs permissionless), JPMorgan coin, XRP & Swift, and on to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and then how all the above needs to interoperate, in order for the 'SMTP for money' (alluding to SMTP = the protocol that enabled email to interoperate) to revolutionise money, and the concept of value And yes, we touch on the US Election, but from a perspective of how Blockchains can help Elections, not just in the US, but everywhere... As always, please DM me on Twitter (@Darky999) if you have any feedback, whether good/bad/ugly

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