#47: Greg Crennan: Bitcoin Bull vs Bear Debate

Greg Crennan (@GregCrennan), the CEO of Golden Coast Consultants, joins me to debate Bitcoin - bull vs bear. Greg is quizzing me in this episode, however also debating with me, and we dive into many of the often asked questions & pushbacks about Bitcoin Greg and I fully agree about the long term bearish prospects of fiat money vs hard assets, and we both own gold & silver. So we should agree on Bitcoin right? Well we don't, so hence this debate! This episode is not meant to change a mega-bear's mind about Bitcoin, instead it's aimed to hopefully educate those who haven't had the time (or inclination) to dive deeper, as there are many narratives that I don't think are relevant anymore, yet they stick around for years as many people's minds As always, if you have any feedback whether good/bad/ugly, please DM me @Darky999 on Twitter

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