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Episode 33: Finding Your Voice, Using Your Voice, Amplifying Your Voice and the Messy Middle

av Dream and Do Podcast | creativity | marketing | mindset | Publicerades 6/26/2020

The rulebook has changed for us all and using your voice has taken a whole new level of importance, focus and energy. In the wake of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and what I am calling the awakening and uprising you will be feeling the pull at your coat tails to use your voice. Maybe it has felt like pressure and expectation or maybe it has been a fire in your belly and your soul is bursting to say all the things you didn't feel able to say before. Either way the tide has changed and as a Creative Coach who is committed to helping you to show-up wholeheartedly, to find your voice, tell your story, own your magic and shine your light, I am here for this and you.  In this episode I'm sharing in real time what the messy middle of sharing your voice looks like with tips to help you with finding and using your voice.  This episode is part of the CV-19 'on a walk' series. Come and say hello on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/alifemoreinspired/ Check-out Nova Reid's Guide to Anti-Racism 

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