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Episode 35 - The Unexpected Magic of Owning Your Magic and Where To Start

av Dream and Do Podcast | creativity | marketing | mindset | Publicerades 7/16/2020

In this episode of the podcast I’m talking about owning your magic and where to start. We cover your story, client stories, connection and contribution.    This is a practical and tangible way of inviting a more confident version of you to the table.    Something that impacts your state of mind AND your state of being.    And instead of just talking ‘transformation' we are talking about your unique and meaningful contribution and the ripple effect of that.    The real difference you make to the people you touch when you show-up wholeheartedly and when you do the work that matters in the world.    The FREE live class: How to thrive as an empath, sensitive soul or big-hearted creative in business even if you feel like an emotional sponge here https://www.alifemoreinspired.com/live-class   The Wholehearted Waitlist is open. We get started in September. It is the most beautiful container that will help you with adding the activism into your brand and really embodying the change you want to see in yourself alongside the mark you want to make in the world. Join the Wholehearted Waitlist herehttps://www.alifemoreinspired.com/wholehearted-waitlist   Come and say hello on Instagram! 

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