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Michelle Williams - Getting Real and Sorting it All Out

av Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff and Friends | Publicerades 5/26/2021

There are so many ways to get distracted from pursuing our big ambitions. Some of them, though, are much more serious than others- like depression and other mental health challenges. We can't separate our mental health from the rest of our lives- it's the foundation for everything. That's why it's so important to develop habits of getting real, being authentic and honest with friends, and seeking help when you need it. This week, on the Dream Big Podcast, we're engaging in a serious discussion about mental health with a dear friend of mine who is articulate and incredibly genuine. About Michelle Williams: Michelle Williams is a Grammy Award-winning recording artist and actress who rose to stardom as a member of the R&B mega group, Destiny’s Child, and most recently appeared as the Butterfly on Fox’s hit series, The Masked Singer. Her successful solo albums include Heart to Yours; Do You Know; Unexpected, which spawned the internationally charted single, “We Break the Dawn”; and Journey to Freedom, which featured groupmates Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland on the single, “Say Yes.” Also a talented actress, she debuted on Broadway in Aida (2003) and starred in productions of The Color Purple (2007), Chicago (2009–10), What My Husband Doesn't Know (2011) and Fela! (2013). Michelle is passionate about raising awareness about mental health and about sharing the lessons she has learned in her own struggle with depression. On the episode: Producer : Tatave Abeshyan Producer & Co-host : Scott Schimmel JOIN BOB WEEKLY We’ve launched a new subscription-based offering with exclusive content from the one and only Bob Goff. In vintage Bob fashion, you can join him on his adventure of living a life of whimsy, love, and action. Each week you'll receive a video message from Bob, plus guided reflection exercises and activities for personal growth and structured conversations with friends. Now more than ever we need to look to voices we can trust. If Bob's message has inspired you in the past, you're not going to want to miss out on Bob Weekly. So sign up today and let Bob guide you as you go through this unpredictable thing called your life. Learn More bobgoff.com/weekly

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