Being a non-techie woman of colour in tech with Nikita Khandwala.

In this episode, I chat to Nikita, who is a Strategy Analyst at LinkedIn and my wonderful partner behind The WOC Tribe community page on Instagram. We talk about the importance of interdisciplinary thinking, particularly between the humanities and the tech world. We also touch on topics such as the importance of networking, creating content online, as well as the importance of accountability partners. 

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Hi, I am Dr. Sheen Gurrib and I want to play my part in supporting the next generation of empowered women. I'm lucky to have fascinating conversations with very inspiring and insightful female friends and family from around the world. So, on my podcast, I'm sharing these conversation with you. Join me every week as I chat to one of these wonderful women about their journey, their career choice and being a kick-ass woman in general!