Discussing how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals with Sharbani Sengupta.

This week I have a chat with my fellow WEF Global Shaper Sharbani, about her time as an engineering student in India, as a business planning specialist in France and as a project manager in Germany. We also talk about the different social impact projects to upskill refugees and to mentor social startups. Sharbani also tell us about sharing a stage with Hrithik Roshan! 

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Hi, I am Dr. Sheen Gurrib and I want to play my part in supporting the next generation of empowered women. I'm lucky to have fascinating conversations with very inspiring and insightful female friends and family from around the world. So, on my podcast, I'm sharing these conversation with you. Join me every week as I chat to one of these wonderful women about their journey, their career choice and being a kick-ass woman in general!