Episode #10: Grow An Italian Garden With Seeds From Italy

When you're not in Italy, what better way to live like an Italian but to grow a garden at home? Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential the Mediterranean diet and gardening is a wonderful way to be tied to the land, no matter where you are. Host Kathy McCabe welcomes Lynn Byczynski and Will Nagengast of Seeds From Italy. They share the importance of heirloom seeds to the Italian culture and how to get gardening at home. They also discuss: + Why seeds are so important to Italians and Italian-Americans + How they came to run a business importing seeds specifically from Italy + Why basil seeds produced in Bergamo are called Italiano Classico+ What is a Cucuzza? + When is the best time to start a garden in the United States + Which Italian flowers are easiest to grow  + And much more... Visit www.growitalian.com and use code: dreamgarden to save 10% Show notes: https://dreamofitaly.com/2021/04/12/podcast-episode-10-grow-an-italian-garden-with-seeds-from-italy/

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