Episode #12: Overcoming Challenges in Claiming Your Italian Citizenship

In our previous episode (#11), we discussed how many who have Italian ancestry can claim Italian citizenship, jure sanguinis, by right of blood. In this episode, we dig deeper as sometimes this process isn't as straightforward as it first might seem.  Host Kathy McCabe welcomes Bianca Ottone of My Italian Family.  They discuss: + Why more and more Americans are pursuing dual citizenship + Why naturalization records are the most important + How Bianca and her company helped Kathy explore her heritage in Campania + How to navigate around the "1948 rule" which might seemingly deny your claim to citizenship - and how Kathy is doing it+ How adoption affects the ability to claim citizenship + How to navigate around name discrepancies, whether they were made on purpose or by mistake + How to find the Italian town(s) your ancestors are from, even if you are not sure of all of their details Show notes: https://dreamofitaly.com/2021/05/04/podcast-episode-12-overcoming-challenges-in-claiming-your-italian-citizenship-with-my-italian-family/  

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