Episode #5: Steve Perillo on How Travel to Italy Has Changed

 If you lived in or grew up in NJ/NY or CT in the past 40 or 50 years then the name Perillo needs know explanation. Mario Perillo and his groundbreaking commercials for his Italian tours made him more famous than the Pope in some homes! His son Steve has carried Periilo Tours forward. Host Kathy McCabe sits down with Steve for an all encompassing conversation on how travel to Italy has changed as well as Steve's little-known non-travel talent. They discuss:


+ How the Perillos began their family business
+ Why travelers tastes have changed and how the industry is responding
+ Why the person who flies an airplane is called a captain (Steve is the king of trivia)
+ How to create memorable tours and experiences for the average American, not just the 1%
+ What secret talent Steve has that few know about
+ How television changed the tour business, especially for Perillo
+ Why if you’re married it may be better to travel with a group
(you have to hear the reason!)
+ Why 10,000 people owe their lives to Perillo Tours (you even more need to hear this reason!
+ What makes a great tour guide
+ And much much more!

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