Episode #8: Share Your Dream of Italy During This Difficult Time

I believe in Italy. I’m betting on Italy. Italy has saved me again and again. It has been my constant. And I believe in dreams and their ability to become reality.

As Italy begins to slowly open up and the future still remains uncertain, all we can hold onto these days are our dreams…so let’s write about and talk about our Italian dreams!

I know Dream of Italy viewers, readers and listeners have had some of the most incredible experiences in Italy. We’ve published 170 issues of our award-winning travel publication but YOU know about so many hidden gems that I (or the fabulous contributors to our publication) don’t know about and what better time to share them!?

For years, I have dreamed of putting together a crowdsourced issue of Dream of Italy and now that we also have the Dream of Italy Podcast, for those who don’t like to write but can talk (haha), we’re compiling a crowdsourced podcast episode as well.

I need your help. There’s no better time to share our love for Italy and get lost in a little project that has us digging deep into great memories.

Please submit a 350-word articles, series of photos, recipe or podcast soundbite up to 40 seconds long on the theme of When I Dream of Italy, I Dream of… to potentially be included in our issue or episode. The deadline is May 20, 2020.

For more details, visit www.dreamofialy.com/sharemydream

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If you dream of Italy, host Kathy McCabe and her fascinating guests are here to make your Italian travel dreams come true whether you're seeking life transformation life with a move to Italy or simply want to make your Italian vacation as authentic as possible. McCabe is the host of the PBS TV travel series Dream of Italy and founded the award-winning travel publication Dream of Italy in 2002. Our episodes - mostly recorded on the road in Italy - cover everything from picking the best cooking schools and villa rentals to gaining Italian citizenship and starting a new chapter in Italy...