Episode #9: Your Crowdsourced Italian Travel Dreams

When the pandemic started this spring, I put out a call to our listeners to send in audio segments for a special crowdsourced episode on the places, people and experiences we are dreaming of during this difficult time.  I asked listeners to start off with, "When I dream of Italy, I dream of..." and the answers I received are as diverse and beautiful as il bel paese itself!  From a story of smiles and soul medicine found in Sicily to a funny tale of being locked in an Italian restaurant bathroom, this episode will enchant and surprise you until the day we can return to Italy! Show notes: https://dreamofitaly.com/2020/12/17/podcast-episode-9-your-crowdsourced-italian-travel-dreams/

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If you dream of Italy, host Kathy McCabe and her fascinating guests are here to make your Italian travel dreams come true whether you're seeking life transformation life with a move to Italy or simply want to make your Italian vacation as authentic as possible. McCabe is the host of the PBS TV travel series Dream of Italy and founded the award-winning travel publication Dream of Italy in 2002. Our episodes - mostly recorded on the road in Italy - cover everything from picking the best cooking schools and villa rentals to gaining Italian citizenship and starting a new chapter in Italy...