DroneTalks I Cristiano Baldoni I Chief of Business Systems Integration at D-Flight

All stakeholders of the drone industry are so excited about an integrated and fully functioning U-Space for Europe, however, there are various challenges and gaps to be combatted. At our media booth in Amsterdam Drone Week, our Co-Founder and the CEO of Murzilli Consulting, Lorenzo Murzilli welcomes Cristiano Baldoni from ENAV. Although there is no clear picture of U-Space for the drone industry, how the industry leaders will manage to blow the winds towards their own development & financial progress? Are collaboration and cooperation two important terms when it comes to redesigning the rules of the game? What about the role of drones in industrial services, inspection, and evaluation services? Can we cover all the costs in the market without a net volume, if our operations stay at a small scale? How should we tackle the issues such as the designation of geographical zones, creating a reliable certification path, staying within the boundaries of UTM/ATM, and trying to gain revenues under U-Space regulations? Join Cristiano Baldoni and Lorenzo Murzilli in this interview and explore more answers from a business perspective. For drone specialized marketing, PR email us at info@dronetalks.online For strategic and regulatory consulting on drone operations visit Murzilli Consulting: https://murzilliconsulting.com At DroneTalks we have gathered the top experts in the drone industry to design a set of easily digestible courses to get you up-to-date, fast. Learn more: https://dronetalks.online/academy/

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