DroneTalks I Gregory Walden I Partner at Dentons & Representative of Drone Alliance Europe

Our Co-Founder and CEO Eszter Kovacs asks vital questions to Gregory Walden from Drone Alliance Europe on the current issues and hot topics of establishing a set of rules on regulation in the EU. How is the drone companies' relationship with CAAs and ANSPs built? What are the principles of establishing integrated airspace cooperation with all stakeholders in Europe? How critical is it to develop geographic zones and align them with the new requirements of U-Space? How are the EASA rule-making and guidance material transferred to small-scale drone companies and drone start-ups which come from a different background rather than aviation?   If you are curious about the answers to these questions, listen our interview now! For drone specialized marketing, PR email us at info@dronetalks.online For strategic and regulatory consulting on drone operations visit Murzilli Consulting: https://murzilliconsulting.com  At DroneTalks we have gathered the top experts in the drone industry to design a set of easily digestible courses to get you up-to-date, fast. Learn more: https://dronetalks.online/academy/

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