DroneTalks | Mikhail Kokorich | CEO and Founder at Destinus

Join us for our brand new C-level conversation with Mikhail Kokorich, CEO and founder of Destinus. We learn more about what Destinus is doing, the concept around the hyperplane and how it reduces delivery time of goods from 14 hours to under two hours with zero carbon emission. Traditional air transport makes up 14% of global annual carbon emissions, while Destinus’ hyperplane is powered by hydrogen fuel, which is produced 100% renewable energy sources. What is the feasibility of hyperexpress delivery in the short & mid term? The hyperplane combines the technological advancements of a spaceplane with the simple physics of a glider to create a vehicle that meets the demands of a hyper connected world. What is the sustainability of high-speed flights? According to Mikhail hydrogen is inexpensive to produce which will help enable low-cost hyperplane flights. We also talk about why Mikhail decided to head up operations out of Switzerland and what the benefits are of establishing an aerospace organization in Europe. Grow your business, find out more about Switzerland as a business location: https://www.s-ge.com/en/sbh For drone specialized marketing, PR email us at info@dronetalks.online For strategic and regulatory consulting on drone operations visit Murzilli Consulting: https://murzilliconsulting.com At DroneTalks we have gathered the top experts in the drone industry to design a set of easily digestible courses to get you up-to-date, fast. Learn more: https://dronetalks.online/academy/

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