Dubai 2021 Real estate Market overview with Zeeshan

I decided to Start Dubai Stars Season-2 with a very Special Guest Zeeshaan Shah who spent a month in Dubai Enjoying holidays and the freedom that was taken away from all UK nationals due the massive corona cases and the tiers that the country had to go through.In this episode Zeeshan shares all his intakes about Dubai real estate market, Uk real estate market and his businesses all over the world.Very informative episode enjoy it!

Om Podcasten

Welcome to Dubai's new business podcast, Dubai Stars, with your host Anthony Joseph.Dubai Stars is the hottest podcast in Dubai where we interview the real hustlers who came to Dubai with literally nothing, and grew their way to getting on top of their game.This Show is about covering the journeys of self made Super Stars where we get inspired by their tips, strategies and learning curves.This Podcast covers it all, the struggle, the journey and the process of becoming a Real Dubai Star.