Propertyfinder Agent Of The Year 2019 - Dubai Stars Podcast - Episode 15 - Fintan Flannelly

On this final episode of Dubai Stars Season 1 - We Meet Fintan Flannelly, Dubai Propertyfinder Agent Of The Year 2019 and multiple agent of the month winner.Fintan takes us through his turbulent journey from Ireland till he ended up in Dubai.Not only does he share with us his wealth of knowledge in real estate, but Fintan also shares with us the emotional tragedies in his life along the way.Engage with me online:Instagram: In: #RealEstate #Dubai“In 2015, I arrived in Dubai from Ireland with my wife and daughter to further my profession in the industry. Since then I have been very fortunate to have met some great people in Exclusive Links, like-minded brokers, exceptional developers and of course my wonderful clients – their repeat business and referrals allow me to grow my business.What I do best? Listen to my clients, understand their needs, deliver on my promise and have fun along the way. I like to think I’m a specialist in the service I give and the relationships I build with my clients ”

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Welcome to Dubai's new business podcast, Dubai Stars, with your host Anthony Joseph.Dubai Stars is the hottest podcast in Dubai where we interview the real hustlers who came to Dubai with literally nothing, and grew their way to getting on top of their game.This Show is about covering the journeys of self made Super Stars where we get inspired by their tips, strategies and learning curves.This Podcast covers it all, the struggle, the journey and the process of becoming a Real Dubai Star.